UX and CRO

Essential CRO Audit That Doesn't Need A-B testing

With traffic of all types (SEO, PPC and referrals) becoming more expensive and difficult to get, conversion rate optimization is becoming more important than ever. Doubling website traffic is becoming way more expensive than doubling conversion rate, and both…


Google Updates The Search Quality Raters

Google just refreshed the search quality raters document which at some point in the past was leaked then made available by Google, this document is still getting a lot of attention from the SEO community especially after Google presenting…


Googlebot Is Now Evergreen With The Latest Chromium

Google has done a major update to Google bot making it evergreen (always running the latest version of Chromium) Compared to the previous version, Googlebot now supports 1000+ new features, like: ES6 and newer JavaScript features IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading…