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Enhance Your SEO Resume with Those Internet Marketing Certificates

In this post I am going to include what certifications can help you to land your next SEO job (I will add another post for some training courses), most of the certificates below have online training sections that you need to go through before taking the exam, if you pass the exam you will be granted a digital certificate that you can print and hang in you office, you will also get a web page that you can add to your Linkedin profile. With the education system falling behind when it comes to digital marketing the certificates below will give you an instant advantage with any poetical employer.

Google Analytics Academy

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google Mobile Sites certification

Google Partners

  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Mobile Certification
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Google Shopping Certification
  • Digital Sales Certification
  • Google Ads Fundamentals

Facebook Core Competencies Exam

Facebook Planning Exam

SEMrush course SEMrush Academy

Hubspot inbound certification

MOZ Academy  (the essential SEO certificate is a good start)

If you are asking why do I need paid search or marketing automation certificates if I will be applying to a SEO job? SEO for most companies is one piece of the whole marketing landscape that includes in most cases, social media marketing, PPC, SEO and marketing automation. SEO specialists will be working closely with other digital marketing channels and they need at least a basic understanding of how those other channels work. The other benefit of having PPC certificates is that smaller companies tend to hire one in-house marketing individual to manage all their digital marketing channels, being at familiar with the PPC channels will increase the number of jobs you can apply to.

SEO certificates are not must to gain SEO knowledge, all the information your need to learn SEO is available online however they can help you with three things:

  • As the education system is not caching up yet they will give you some credibility and increase your chances to land an SEO job
  • They will streamline your learning curve and test your knowledge
  • They will increase you commitment level to learn SEO and chase it as a career especially if you pay for some of those courses

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