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How To Measure The Impact Of a TV Campaign on Web Traffic

There are a lot of trackable footprints that could be included in a TV ad, some of them are almost automatically included in the ad (like the brand name) others need to be added:

  1. The brand name, most TV ads will mention the brand name in a sound or tex format.
  2. A trackable dedicated URL or a domain. If your domain is you can include in the ad using a URL like or use a different domain like
  3. A trackable phone number that is dedicated only for the TV ad.
  4. A unique product name,  brand name + a product name or any statement that can trigger web search (example: cranberry sprite )

The more trackable footprints you have in the TV ad the easier it is for you to track the performance of this ad.

Metrics and tools that can be used to track a TV campaign:

  1. An Increase in search for the brand name  (trackable using Google Search Console).
  2. A significant Increase in search for the product name “i.e. cranberry sprite”  (trackable using GSC).
  3. A CTR improvement. The TV ad will keep the brand at the top of people’s mind so they tend to click more on any page produced by that brand even if it is a blog (trackable using GSC).
  4. An improvement in conversion rate for all products as a result of the brand enhancement (trackable in Google Analytics).
  5. A very significant improvement in sales and conversion rate for the promoted product in the TV campaign (i.e. cranberry sprite).
  6. Increase in brand’s equity (difficult to measure)
  7. More social buzz and inbound links as a result of people talking about the promoted product online (could be measured by tracking social signals and inbound links).

It is very important to discuss trackable footprints in the TV ad with the marketing team to come up with the best tracking options without jeopardizing the marketing part of the ad, after that a custom dashboard could be built using Google Data Studio could be built for that.

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