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SEO Training Courses and Conferences

There are many online resources that cover the SEO fundamentals and give you a good jump start in your SEO career

Search Engine Optimization starter guide (by Google)

This should be the fist document your read, it covers the basics of on page and technical SEO

Google Quality Guidelines

This is very important one to read especially if you are planning to be aggressive in your link building efforts

Google Quality Raters Guidelines

Google uses quality raters (humans) to evaluate their search results so their engineer can improve them, what we learned about Google’s logarithm throughout the years that it will always try to replicate human quality judgment, reading this document will give you an idea where is Google’s algorithm going

SEO Learning Center (by Moz)

Similar to Google’s starter guide

Google Best Practice (mainly for ads)

This is Google’s best practice document for ad, quality guidelines for ads apply in most cases to SEO which makes this document worthy to read even for SEOs


Conferences to attend:

Going to conferences to learn is not going to give you the best ROI, going there to network and meet new people is the investment you should be looking for

SMX – Search Marketing Expo




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