Where to Look for a SEO Job in Canada

Looking for a SEO job in Canada is not a big different from looking for other professional jobs, and if you have a solid career (a good experience and a good knowledge) you should be able to land yourself a job by sending few resumes (so I am not sure if you will need all the tools below but I am going to list them either way)

Google has added a job list widget that will be triggered automatically most of the time when you search for a term that includes profession + job + locations

Most large companies, agencies and head hunters will start their job posting there, just type in SEO and your location to start searching, an easy apply button is available for every job listing

Indeed has a very large database of jobs with a sophisticated search engine

It might look old for many people but it is still working, you can subscribe to any job search alert and receive email notifications on a regular basis (this feature is probably available with many other websites), a feature like this is helpful even when you are not looking for a job as it keeps you posted with SEO demand and trends.

Another old website that is still worth checking

This search will return Google job widgets along with other companies that posted the job only on their website, you can change we are hiring with other phrases like job opportunity

  • Work your network:

An old school way of finding a job that still works well, in case you started your SEO career recently many of your old friends and relatives may not know about that (it is difficult to explain what you do even if they know about it), talk to them and let them about the new career you are starting. Updating your Linkedin profile and other social media profiles will also help

  • Build your own website and rank for SEO related keywords (make sure you state that you do freelancing work):

This will help you to get attention and to proof that you know what are you doing. Some companies or small business may reach out to you for work, you can also get short term contracting offers or full employment offers

As I said at the beginning landing a SEO job for a skilled experienced individual should not be a difficult task, the more you enhance your career the easier your job search well be

The expected salary will depend on your skills and experience, it will also depend on the position (specialist, manager, director etc), you can check the SEO entry level salary here

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  • blank
    August 12, 2020 at 5:29 am

    Hello Sir, thanks for sharing this information. What does companies except from SEO jobseeker? I mean any particular certification or degree in marketing. And what is the demand of this job in Ontario? I have 5+ years of experience. Can you recommend something I should do in time left before I come to Canada? 🙂

    • blank
      Wisam Abdulaziz
      August 18, 2020 at 2:26 pm

      Hi Nav, please check this link for the best certificates to acquire that will hep you to find a SEO job.

      • blank
        August 19, 2020 at 3:04 am

        Thank you. I already have frw Google Analytics, Google Ads and SEMrush Certifications 🙂 I haven't tried taking facebook and hubsport exam. Anything else you think is important to know or any other skill employers expect from SEO specialists.

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