Googlebot Is Now Evergreen With The Latest Chromium

Google has done a major update to Google bot making it evergreen (always running the latest version of Chromium) Compared to the previous version, Googlebot now supports 1000+ new features, like:

  • ES6 and newer JavaScript features
  • IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading
  • Web Components v1 APIs

This sounds great but the biggest question is still unanswered for webmasters which is do we still need to do dynamic rendering when we use advanced JavaScript frameworks like Angular? I think the answer is still yes or at least most of the time. Assuming the Google Mobile friendly tool is now up-to-date with the most recent Google Bot version, we still need to test the website there and find out if Google is able to render it properly or not, based on that we can make a decision to provide a dynamic rendering or not.

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