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Google Analytics Page Filters Explained

I was checking which page filters in Google Analytics can be used to track user journey on the website, so I can use those filters in conversion rate optimization, I did the two sessions below and tracked the results in Google Analtyics:

First session (flat URL structure):


Second session (deep URL structure):




I will check the results of each filter and mark it as useful or useless to study the user journey and do conversion rate optimization:

Landing page (useful): will show the first page visited in a new session :

Destination page (useless): all pages visited in a session will be destination pages:

Exit page (useful): last page visited in the session:

Next page path (useless): it seems to be just telling the potential path for the next page on the same folder level:

Second page (useless): not sure what is that, it seems to be including the second page up in the hierarchy of the site:

Previous page path (very useful): this is showing the previous page that the user visited before getting to the current page:

Page depth (useful): it is an indicator to the number of pages visited by a user (even in multiple sessions):

Page path level 1 (useless): this filter seems to be analyzing the folder levels and deciding the page path based on that:

Page path level 2 (useless): similar to level one, but it shows the second level in the folder structure:

Page path level 3 (useless): similar to level one and 2:

Search destination page (useful): a page that is clicked on after a user conducted an internal search:

Start page (useless): a page where a user started an internal search:

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