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Wisam Abdulaziz .. The Art of SEO TM

I have been in the websites development business for over 10 years, practicing search engine optimization (with a focus on link building and analytics) for almost 7 years now. I was attracted to the dynamics of SEO, with Google doing more than 2 changes to its algorithm on daily basis SEO professionals have always work to do which is figuring out Google changes and keeping their clients at top of search engine’s results.

If you are one of the SEO specialists in Toronto please feel free to join my network on Linkedin

My thoughts about SEO: - Content is King But it doesn’t worth much without links - Patience is virtue - Don’t believe all what you read in what supposed to be trusted resources - It is not about theories it is all about practice - No risk no fun - Hardworking will get you there (I know I didn’t tell anything new) - Don’t put all eggs in one basket - When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

Personal projects: I am data processing fan inspired by the successful project of Google which is no more than aggregating others content and make them searchable for users. With the revolution of RSS feed and APIs it is becoming easier to build useful websites relaying on others content.

SEO Portfolio: I am ranking now very well for my name, if you search Google for “Wisam Abdulaziz” you will find me #1 :)   this joke is inspired by some SEO company’s portfolio where you see their biggest achievement is ranking a client for “Blue Widget Burlington Ontario”. Unfortunately I cannot publish my SEO portfolio in public, however try to guess what keywords I am trying to target through this website and Google me for them.

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