The Right SEO Process

I am listing in this post what I consider the right SEO process that applies to small and medium size businesses, this process assumes that you have a specific target which is ranking for a list of high traffic keywords and you have a limited budget, in most cases the home page will be enough to target all your keywords so you do not need even to do any changes to your site structure:
  1. Keyword research to find the highest search volume relevant keywords to your business (Usually using Google keyword, with [exact match] checked).
  2. Once you approve the keywords if the home page is not enough to target all of them content mapping must be implemented, which is matching those keywords with your site’s content, the home page must  be used to target the most competitive keywords above, few internal pages could be needed.
  3. ONE TIME on page changes for the pages that will be used to target those keywords (a Good SEO company must implement on page recommendations if there is no resources available from your end to do that).
  4. Link building campaign will start for those pages, quality unpaid links are what a good SEO company provides.
  1. Ranking for your targeted keywords which should drive more search engine traffic to the site (this might take from 3-6 months depending on your site age and benchmark ranking).
  2. Improving site’s link profile and site authority which will bring more long tail traffic (all ships rise with the tide), the number of keywords driving traffic to the site will increase also.
  3. The number of inbound links will increase (the amount of link growth will vary depending on the link exploring tool that you use)
  1. Benchmarking report must be provided at the beginning of the project, including current ranking for the targeted keywords, indexed pages with search engines and the number of inbound links.
  2. Detailed Link report will be provided on demand.
  3. Ranking and traffic report will be sent on monthly basis (Google Analytics access will be required).
  4. Monthly link growth report.
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