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The Lowest Bounce Rate I have Ever Seen

I own lots of websites, most of them I use to do some search engine experiments in order to understand algorithms more and more. For a long time I was giving less attention to user’ experience and focusing more on improving link profile and authority for those website along with changing the page elements to achieve better rankings.
Recently I decided for one of these websites to focus mainly on users experience (it was not easy though I spend lots of hours), that was the main but not the only focus as I did link building and improved my page elements to be search engine friendly, but with this site in specific the main goal was HOW TO GIVE MY USERS WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, amazingly I got a great traffic and the lowest bounce rate I have ever seen and more $$$$:

I am not going to comment on this screen shot as it speaks to itself, one thing I want to mention here is that none of these keywords are brand based.
I gave search engines what they want, I gave my users what they are looking for and in result everyone is winning:

  • Search engines are keeping their users happy and coming back to use them because they delivered related results.
  • Users won as they found exactly what they are looking for
  • I won as I got thousands of visits from search engines that I was able to monetize.

For everyone reading this post there are few takeaways:

  1. You do not need to cheat search engines, you can still win by following their term of services
  2. Relevancy is key, do not be greedy in targeting your keywords, if you are a dentist you do not need to target a keyword like “tooth paste” even if it seems relevant to your business it is not relevant to the intent of users typing in this phrase in search engines.
  3. User experience is VERY IMPORTANT, what applies to the off line world applies to the online world, a happy client off line is a good referral, and a happy user online is recurrent user and a good referral/advocate to your website and your brand.

Finally I want to mention that those takeaways apply also to paid search, I still have a good laugh with my friend and SEO guru Paul Teitelman any time we remember when he was able to achieve 50% click through rate with one of his paid campaign by being so relevant in choosing his keywords, writing his ad to speak to the keywords and building his site to give users what they want.

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