HostPapa Hosting Service Review NO BACKUP BE CAREFUL

I have been hosting few sites with Host Papa for more than two years now, I have two accounts with them (one I signed few months ago) things where just fine with them looking that I do not pay that much I have a server monitoring service that pings my site on daily basis ever 5 minutes, Hostpapa goes down almost every day for 5 minutes, however I blinked eye on this due to the cheap cost BUT today the server that hosts my second account has been hacked, when I visit my site my Norton Antivirus was alerting me about a a malware, few minutes later the whole site went down, I contacted them after 8 hours to find out that they did not solve the issue! Further worse they asked me if I have a backup as they do not backup sites!!! I jumped to their home page to check and sure enough that was not listed in their service, REALLY I have been building and hosting sites for 10 years, tried more than different hosts but the backup feature is always there, I do not even look at this feature when I shop for hosting as it is a basic built in feature with most hosts.

Hostpapa you suck, I do not want to say you are scammers as you did not mention the backup option, but what is the possibility that people backing up their websites on regular basis unless they have a backup service (not many people have), even if some people backing up their files what about emails, domains and other settings, what if you have a SSL certificate installed.

If you are not a web hosting savvy and you do not understand how important a backup is I want to advise you to avoid any webhosting company that doesn’t have daily or at least weekly backup OR you are taking a high risk to lose all your data or a part of your data. If you are looking for Hostpapa reliable alternative I highly recommend Hostgator.

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