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The ultimate goal of Google as a search engine is to return relevant results to users so they come back to use Google in the future, with more users coming to Google more ads money will cash in, anything you do that goes against this goal will be against Google quality (money making) guidelines.
Here are few actions you can take to give Google what it wants:

  1. Be relevant: Relevancy is key for your business, set each page on your site to target few keywords that are with great relevancy to your content, do not go broad, users that land on your page must easily find the information that they are looking for, are you a dentist? Then do not target pluming it is totally irrelevant, do not even target “tooth paste” people that are looking for a tooth paste are not looking to go to a dentist.
  2. Quality content: Quality content is a key to keep both users and search engine happy, make sure to focus more on plain text content as it is easy to be crawled and indexed by search engine. Write content with keywords in mind.
  3. Usability: Usable site will keep your users more time on your site which will result in better conversion rate at the same time will reduce the bounced traffic to search engines (bounced traffic is a low quality/relevancy signal for search engines)
  4. Links Links Links: Unfortunately, no matter how relevant you are, how much quality content do you have on your site you still need inbound links to get search engine’s love. The web is very noisy, it was very hard for search engines especially Google to evaluate billions of sites without counting on links and use them as votes of measuring quality.

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